Vitech Co., Ltd.

Food & Supplement Health

Vitech Co., Ltd.
providing a healthy life from nature.

Make and deliver on promise for our ingredients

In order to provide new and diverse values ​​of life, we independently develop new materials and functional research necessary for food, cosmetics, health functional foods, and pharmaceutical fields with creative thinking and a sense of challenge.
On the scientific basis for various materials, we do our best to improve nutritional imbalances caused by irregular lifestyles and maintain healthy lives not only in Korea but also around the world through close partnerships with companies around the world.

A global company that respects the value of human life

♣ Vitech Co., Ltd. pioneering the future market with creative thinking and a sense of challenge.
♣ A company that always thinks from the customer's point of view to impress customers and create value.
♣ Vitech Co., Ltd. that respects each other's relationships and starts with consideration for all values.
♣ A company that contributes to human health and happy life rather than human longevity.

Forward-looking business management and technology company

♣ Vitech Co., Ltd. that respects each other based on transparent management for customers and employees.
♣ A company that contributes to the integration of technologies applied in various fields and the improvement of the future environment.
♣ Vitech Co., Ltd. with a pioneering spirit that applies new technologies and production facilities to develop various materials.
♣ A company that seeks to pioneer technology development and human life in preparation for the future space industry revolution.